What’s happening with Soul Creatives?

Written byHelen Soutar

Helen is a strategist who specializes in Resilience. Mum to Harry and Kit who are both rapidly reaching the stage of looking down to her, she spends her days home educating and then escaping to her studio in the garden to work

1st August 2017

As some of you will no doubt have seen, the work that I’m doing is evolving.  I started Soul Creatives a little over 2 years ago, at a time in my life where working with children was both something I loved and a really good fit with my other responsibilities (namely my two lovely sons who were 11 and 5 at the time).  As my children have grown however, and my role has evolved, it is no longer such a good fit and I’ve found it harder to balance work and family.

I have received some lovely messages in the last week or so, asking if I will be running any workshops this summer, letting me know how much you’ve enjoyed them in the past and are hoping to do so again in the future, so I thought it was time to let you all know what my plans are.

I have decided to put Soul Creatives on the back burner for the time being.  I won’t be running any workshops this summer although I will be leaving the pages up for now  and will of course let you all know if/when I arrange any in the future.

I have adored spending time with all the families who have attended Soul Creatives workshops over the last 2 years and I now count many of you as friends rather than customers.

So what will I be doing?

I’m going back to my roots!  Up until starting Soul Creatives, the vast majority of my previous work had been focussed around business.  I have a degree in Accounting, I have won business awards and I’ve been running my own businesses (both as sole trader and director of ltd company) for the last 11 years.

I am now working with individuals and small businesses, developing strategies to enable them to use the resources they’ve got to do the things that are really important to them and to reach their goals.  The feedback from my case study clients is amazing, with so many smashing their income goals, finding more clarity and focus on what they are trying to achieve and feeling less overwhelmed with the obstacles on their path.

I am so excited to be doing this work.  I so love helping people find their way out of the maze and it makes my heart sing to hear how much of an impact these sessions are having.

If you would like to follow what I’m up to you, please click here

If you’d like more information about my Business and Life Strategy sessions, feel free to drop me a line or click here to see what others have to say about working with me.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer

With love and best wishes,

Helen x

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