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Are you stuck?

Can’t work out what’s stopping you from doing what you know you need to do?  

Do you feel confused and out of sorts, ready to get on with working towards your goal but finding yourself distracted, uninspired, blocked when it comes to actually doing the work?

Time to stop going in circles and work out what’s going on!

There are 2 core beliefs at the heart of the work I do:
1.  Humans are logical, and habitual, creatures.  When faced with a threat, we find a coping strategy or solution and stick with it. 
2.  Running a business isn’t, in and of itself, impossibly difficult.  The vast majority of people have the skills and abilities to create and run a business. 
Now, obviously there are caveats to both of these statements and I don’t believe they are universal truths.  I do, however, think they are true enough for most people to use them as a starting point. 
Humans, on the whole, are wired for learning.  We start from the moment we enter the world and continue until we leave it.  Babies and toddlers seem to learn something new every single day and young children are well known for their curiosity (why….?) 

So why, when the internet is filled with all the practical guidance you could ever need about how to set up and run a business, do so many businesses fail to thrive? 
Well, for the people I work with, it’s because what was once a coping strategy has become a ‘truth’ about themselves or the world which prevents them from doing what they know they need to do. 

Are you ready to work out what your ‘truths’ are and how to stop them from getting in your way?

Having worked with Helen for almost a year I can say she has helped to transform my way of working and the way that I approach my work. She is amazing at offering practical tools to automate processes for example, but she doesn’t hesitate to pinpoint blocks in my way of thinking either. I thought I needed the first (which helped) but what really made a difference was the second. She has helped me understand I need to first decide how I want to work to know what patients would benefit from my work, what booking system I need, and even how I need to brand my services! Helen seems to have an endless quiver of practical tools to offer, but she will also be your mirror and cheerleader. If you put to practice what she has to offer, you WILL grow! Her best asset might just be her tailored approach Ingefleur Spreij

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