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Hello my lovelies!

My about me section has more information about my background and experience so let’s use this space to talk about you!

Now, it’s entirely possibly that you are fresh-faced man in your 20’s, with no children yet and high levels of both self-confidence and self-esteem…it’s more likely however, that you’re a woman, probably a little more mature than 20-something, intelligent, capable, knowledgeable and experienced.  You are outwardly successful, other people rave about how amazing you are at what you do, how you seem to have everything together and yet for you it either feels like you’re on a somewhat too fast merry go round that you can’t get off or that you’re not really as successful as other people are assuming.

You look at some high profile people and wonder how they made it to the positions they’re in (here’s looking at you Mr President!), knowing that if they can do that, then you should definitely be able to meet the goals you are setting for yourself.  You know you’re not daft, that you juggle multiple responsibilities all the time (work, animals, children, your home, finances, caring for elderly relatives and on and on!) and that you surely are not less capable than some of the successful people we hear about.

And yet, that voice is a regular visitor to your thoughts, casting doubt and aspersions on your abilities.  The intellectual side of you knows you just need to raise your prices, but that voice asks who are you to charge so much?   The business woman in you has grand plans for a 6-figure business whilst the wife or mother in you wonders how on earth you’ll find the time and anyway, how can you possibly even think of prioritising yourself over your children or expect your partner to play a more equal role at home to free up some time?

You want to earn enough money to not just be comfortable but to able to afford to do all the things you’ve dreamed of…but that’s just greedy isn’t it?  How can you be dreaming of first class 5* holidays when there are starving people in the world??  You just want to help people, yes?  Money isn’t important?  You’d rather be happy than rich!

These are just some of the obstacles I work through with my clients (I tend to refer to them as old scripts – thoughts and beliefs that were usually implanted in you as a child or young adult but which are no longer serving you).  My background and expertise in business means I can guide you through the practicalities of starting and growing a business, marketing, standard operating procedures, financial recording and forecasting etc etc, but first off, the real gold comes from identifying, challenging and replacing these old scripts with ones that actually serve you.  Once we’ve made some headway with those, we’ll move forward with the practical stuff, before the next lot of mind monkeys make themselves known.

This to and fro dance between challenging old scripts and pushing forward with your goals has lead to some amazing outcomes for my clients including:

🌟 500% increase in income, leading to 1st 5-figure month!

🌟 launched their business properly and fully stepped into their role as teacher and expert

🌟 stopped feeling like they were broken

🌟 created a new start up business

🌟 wrote and released a fantastic email series aimed at their target clients

🌟 shifted perspectives allowing creativity to flow

🌟 found a new way of working that put an end to chronic exhaustion

🌟 developed a brilliant course ready for launch

🌟 worked through lots of big memories and emotions to clear the way for future success

🌟 mindset shift making way for 3 client bookings within 3 hours plus one the following morning

If this all sounds familiar and an accurate description of what’s holding you back (and let’s face it, probably making you miserable), book in!  Let’s do the work and get you living the life you choose rather than just getting by and hoping that one day it’ll get easier / better / richer!

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Having worked with Helen for almost a year I can say she has helped to transform my way of working and the way that I approach my work. She is amazing at offering practical tools to automate processes for example, but she doesn’t hesitate to pinpoint blocks in my way of thinking either. I thought I needed the first (which helped) but what really made a difference was the second. She has helped me understand I need to first decide how I want to work to know what patients would benefit from my work, what booking system I need, and even how I need to brand my services! Helen seems to have an endless quiver of practical tools to offer, but she will also be your mirror and cheerleader. If you put to practice what she has to offer, you WILL grow! Her best asset might just be her tailored approach Ingefleur Spreij

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