Raise Your Resilience


So, you’ve started work on unravelling and reframing all your limiting beliefs, now it’s time to build the rest of your resilience skills!

This course will walk you through the Resilience Framework, teaching you all the skills you need to deal with whatever life throws at you.  Once you’ve mastered resilience, you can get on with sharing your work with the world without worrying about burnout


We’ll be working on:


  • Taking care of yourself being a daily habit
  • Setting goals based on, and in alignment with, your big life dreams
  • Learning how to communicate with ease, particularly when conflict is involved
  • Building 3 levels of boundaries so you can keep your focus on your goals with ease and grace
  • Understanding how all of the above relates to the decisions we make, so we can make better ones!


Valid until 17/10/2021

What’s included?

🌟 Live Round – live training/Q&A for each module over 7 weeks with hot seat opportunities

🌟 Lifetime Access

🌟 Video training plus article for each module

🌟 Worksheets

🌟 Bonus: Guided Meditation by Cat Flannery




Do you ever feel as though your head might just pop from all the information you’re carrying around in it?  Do you have a to-do list as long as your arm that you are constantly updating, often without even acknowledging all the things you’ve been able to tick off?

Are you finding that money hasn’t solved all of your problems (or maybe it’s solved your old ones but now new ones have cropped up) and that you are in fact at least as busy as before, if not more so, and that your current challenges can’t be easily solved by throwing money at them?

Maybe your challenges were never financial ones in the first place?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to tell you that money can’t buy you happiness – when you need something that you don’t currently have the funds for, like therapy, or food, or to pay your rent or mortgage, money can definitely deal with the obstacles that are getting in the way of your happiness.

And having enough money for more than just your essential needs definitely reduces stress and can bring a lot of fun and joy into your life…who doesn’t want that?

But money can’t buy you good boundaries, or great relationships.  Money can’t silence the voice in your head that tells you you’re worthless, or that you are responsible for making sure the needs of everyone around you are met, or that you are broken.

Money can open up opportunities to take better care of yourself, but it can’t tell you what you should do with your life or make decisions for you.

So what’s the answer? 

It’s money and…

…money and boundaries, 

…money and great communication, 

…money and resilience!

These are the skills you need to deal with the challenges that money can’t fix.

I want you to be able to deal with those challenges now, instead of telling yourself you’ll fix those things once you’ve made your money, so that when money is no longer something you have to worry about, you don’t just replace those challenges with new ones.

And do you know what, those same challenges are often getting in the way of making money too!



We might all be in the same storm, but we’re not in the same boat.  Some of us have yachts, some cruise liners, others are in rowing boats, and some are clinging on to a shipwrecked door (which definitely has room for 2!)

Before we can work out the best solutions to our problems, we need to take into account the circumstances and challenges of our own lives.  A financially stable, white male with a female partner will have a very different set of circumstances to a woman working part-time to fit around her caring responsibilities with no support.



Challenging our normal way of doing things is hard – you’re likely to face pushback from others when you implement boundaries, to have to dig around in unpleasant memories when tackling your old scripts and challenge your own perceptions of the world and your place in it when making decisions.

To make this bearable, we need to make sure we’re taking very good care of ourselves, not putting extra challenges such as exhaustion or feeling fed up and unmotivated in our way, to prepare ourselves for the work we’re going to complete over the next few weeks.




Having tools to help you feel better right now is really important but, just like healthcare, it’s not enough to just have emergency care.  We need medium and long term strategies to keep us on a healthy path.

Taking actions over a longer period to build the lives we want means we avoid situations like panicking about our lack of pension as we prepare to leave work for retirement



One of the biggest blocks to being resilient, being creative with our problem solving, and making better (or even just different) decisions, is the beliefs we hold about ourselves.

Beliefs such as:

‘I’m responsible for the happiness of everyone around me’

‘I can’t do that, I’m not thin/pretty/smart/[insert condition of choice] enough’

‘I’m bound to upset someone any time now, I must stay on high alert so I’m ready for it’



Making changes in your life means communication is going to be essential.  Unless you live as a hermit, your decisions will need the support of or have an impact on other people.

We need to be able to communicate these changes to the people we love and care about, and/or those who will be impacted, and potentially deal with their objections.

We also need great communication skills to deal with the day to day conflicts that arise in every relationship whilst avoiding the blame game



Perhaps one of the most important, if challenging, modules we cover.  So many of us are living lives that don’t fulfil us because we don’t know how to say no.

But boundaries are about more than just saying no.  In this module you’ll learn:

How to set ground rules for how other people interact with you

How to ask for what you need

How to use bright, breezy boundaries so most people won’t even realise you’re using them



Once we’ve dealt with our resilience pillars, and know that we are in the best place possible to make good decisions, we look at specific tools and skills you can use to come up with better solutions to your problems, and then to make better decisions.

When you know that you are making choices based on:

A really clear idea of how you want your life to be

With your old scripts eradicated or transformed into more supportive ones

With proper boundaries in place

And are confident in your ability to communicate those choices and deal with any objections…

You’ll feel prepared and equipped to deal with whatever challenge pops up on your path next…

You’ll be resilient!

Why do we need resilience?

Think about your ideal day, the kind of day you dream of having once you’ve met all your big goals…

Maybe you wake up in your light and airy bedroom to the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach, or the birds starting their dawn chorus. 

You shower in your deluxe ensuite, choose one of your stylish, comfortable outfits, and pad down to the kitchen to eat the delicious, healthy breakfast ready and waiting for you.

Perhaps you follow this with a yoga or meditation session, or a swim in the sea, then make your way to your office to answer the interesting and insightful emails from your clients, record a new video for your course or have a fantastic 1-1 session that provides real value and insights. 

After a light lunch, made from scratch by your personal chef or live-in staff member you go for a walk in the woods or along the beach before returning home recharged and at peace, ready to go back to your desk and focus on producing engaging content, write your speech for your latest speaking opportunity, or go live in your group programme.

You wrap up work at 4pm, ready to welcome your children home from school and spend the next few hours giving them your undivided attention before your evening meal (made by someone else!), bath, stories and bedtime. 

Everything you need is always on hand (that home organisation specialist was such a great upgrade!), your home is effortlessly (at least for you) clean and tidy and once the children have settled easily to sleep, you curl up on the sofa with your beloved to watch a film, discuss your day, and plan your next holiday with joy and ease, knowing you are fulfilling your potential and living your best life.

Your bills are all automated, money flows in and out with ease and regularity, and your domestic staff attend to any maintenance issues before they become crises.

Doesn’t it all just sound wonderful?  You can just feel yourself living that life and basking in the joy of it, can’t you?

And yet…

Your ideal life, as described above, relies on a great many other people – a VA and possibly other business employees, private chef or live-in staff, a nanny, maintenance staff and of course, clients. 

All of these people need time, attention, instructions, permissions, information, decisions from us…all of these people need a leader.  

And then there are our personal relationships – partners, children, friends, family members, neighbours, colleagues/peers…all of whom require attention, interaction, and decisions from us, some of whom will question our choices and test our boundaries.

Building a life made up of endless ‘ideal days’ takes a lot more than just money (although that is obviously necessary!)

We need excellent communication skills, to be able to deal with our internal voices that tell us we’re not good enough, to have great boundaries that we enforce with ease and grace, and perhaps most of all, to be able to make good decisions that align with our deepest desires.

We need to know how to avoid self-sabotage, to unravel and resolve the thoughts and fears that tell us to stay small, to avoid being visible and successful and rich because we’ll be at risk if we don’t. 

We need to understand emotions, how they are formed, the benefits they offer us and how to stop them from jumping in the driving seat and heading straight for the safe space that is familiarity, expected, ‘normal’.

And we need to be able to recognise, and make adjustments for, the specific structural inequalities and personal circumstances we each face…so we can reach a point where we can challenge and change them.

In other words, we need to be resilient.  Not the vague, wishy-washy idea of being able to bounce back from disappointments…the specific, buildable set of skills we use when we need to adapt to changes (whether good or bad!)

Helen seems to have an endless quiver of practical tools to offer, but she will also be your mirror and cheerleader. If you put to practice what she has to offer, you WILL grow!

Ingefleur Spreij

There’s nothing I wouldn’t trust Helen with – her breadth of knowledge and supportive, loving guidance is absolutely unique. Thank you, Helen!!!


Sophie Shaw


I would highly recommend Helen to everyone. She is amazing! I can’t wait for our next session – such valuable time spent


Rita Robinson

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