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Jen Sincero – You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Format: Audiobook

Summary: A fun, sweary how-to manifesto for changing your life with a heavy focus on mindset and manifesting.

My opinion: I really enjoyed this book.  I listened to it whilst driving and walking the dog and particularly liked that it’s narrated by the author (all my favourite audiobooks are).  Jen is a great storyteller and uses examples from her own life as well as analogies and metaphors throughout which meant that some things I’d heard before made sense in a whole new way for me.  Jen is a straight-talking swear-bear…one of the lines that made me laugh out loud was the suggestion to find a friend who would be prepared to spraypaint ‘Lazy Lardass’ on the side of your house to hold you accountable.  I’m generally not a fan of shaming people into action but Jen manages to walk the line between really wanting you to succeed and not being afraid to blackmail you into it.  One note about the audiobook – at the end of each chapter there are exercises to complete.  There is no accompanying download that I can find of these so you may need to go back later and make a note of them if you are listening whilst driving or walking.

Who this book will appeal to:  Anyone who believes that your thoughts play a pivotal role in your ability to succeed and who isn’t offended or upset by swearing.  If you need a kick up the bum, this book will provide it.

Who should avoid this book:  Anyone who is put off completely by any kind of woo, manifesting or law of attraction stuff.  Also anyone who dislikes swearing.

*If you go on to buy this book using this link, whilst also meeting other criteria, I might get a few pence from Amazon
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