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Alli Graham – Alice and The Dragon and The Quest for Clients

Format: ebook

Summary: Short and sweet little book taking you through the process for working out who your ideal clients are, how to find them and what you can offer them

My opinion:This is a really clever little book.  At just 38 pages, it’s a quick read but packs a punch in terms of getting you thinking.  Carry On… or Ab Fab style rude in places, it’s funny but underneath all of that, it’s asks the big questions and makes you realise that when you tap into your connection with your ideal clients (this book will prove to you that you do actually have a connection with them!), away from all the business speak and feelings of perfectionism, imposter syndrome and jargon, it’s not all that difficult to work out exactly what you should be offering, how and to who.

Who this book will appeal to:  Anyone who struggles to work out what they can offer and who they should be targetting their work at.

Who should avoid this book:  Anyone who wants a formal run through of the ideal client avatar process and wants to create a formal, official profile rather than a friendly, connected one.

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