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Advent! Day 22

Written byHelen Soutar

Helen is a strategist who specializes in Resilience. Mum to Harry and Kit who are both rapidly reaching the stage of looking down to her, she spends her days home educating and then escaping to her studio in the garden to work

22nd December 2018

Whoop whoop, only 3 days to go!

Door 22 has a real powerhouse (and I’d guess most of you are already familiar with her work but always good to get a reminder).

Step forward Brené Brown!

Brené has a huge body of work centring on the effects of shame, vulnerability, blame, imperfection, failure.  Her TedTalks have been watched by millions and she regularly tops the bestseller lists.  If any of this sounds of interest
to you, I really recommend checking out her full back catalogue but for now, I’ll just share a few of my favourites:

The Power of Vulnerability
Listening to Shame 

RSA Shorts: Blame

Podcast: The Beautiful Writer’s Podcast

I Thought It Was Just Me – Deep dive into women and shame
The Gifts Of Imperfection – How to cultivate the courage, compassion and connection to be able to think ‘I am enough’
Daring Greatly – How to have the courage to be vulnerable
Rising Strong – How to get back up after the inevitable failure that comes with vulnerability
Braving The Wilderness – All about belonging

Apologies for such a link heavy post today!

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