Advent! Day 20

Written byHelen Soutar

Helen is a strategist who specializes in Resilience. Mum to Harry and Kit who are both rapidly reaching the stage of looking down to her, she spends her days home educating and then escaping to her studio in the garden to work

20th December 2018

Hi-de-hi lovely ones!


I hope you’re all winding up work for a few days break now that we’re nearing Christmas.  


Our 20th door is all about mental downtime.  When you run a business or manage a home and a job, maybe a family too, it can be hard to ever reach a point where you’re not mentally running through, checking off, adding to and prioritising a to do list in your mind whilst also working out how to fit it all in with the possible addition of berating yourself for not having got it all done yet…it’s EXHAUSTING!


Being exhausted is the equivalent of wading through mud.  It really shouldn’t be this hard to work out a solution, make a decision, implement an action…and yet, when we’re exhausted we often can’t think straight, decisions feel hard and taking action?  Ugh…let me nap!


Physical exhaustion is a challenge (and hopefully you’ve signed up to Sophie’s meditation groups from day 8 if this one plagues you), but mental exhaustion is a little different and often needs to be handled differently.  Mental exhaustion often comes along with a physical restlessness.  An inability to focus the mind and to still the hands.


Enter Attic 24!  And Tin Can Knits!


Knitting and crocheting are one of my go to methods for winding myself down into a place of peace when I’m exhausted and restless.  Counting stitches whilst occupying hands beats counting sheep whilst tossing and turning any day and you can end up with gorgeous blankets, shawls, cushions, jumpers as a bonus.


For me there is the added bonus of it offering a good excuse to my monkey mind that wants to start up with that old script of ‘why aren’t you busy?!  You’re so lazy!’


If any of this sounds familiar, get started now and you can have all your handmade gifts ready just in time for Christmas next year!

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