Advent! Day 19

Written byHelen Soutar

Helen is a strategist who specializes in Resilience. Mum to Harry and Kit who are both rapidly reaching the stage of looking down to her, she spends her days home educating and then escaping to her studio in the garden to work

19th December 2018

Happy Wednesday y’all!

Only 5 more doors after today!

So let’s get straight to it, who’s behind door number 19?

It’s Denise Duffield Thomas and her book Get Rich Lucky Bitch!

Do you find yourself struggling to set prices that mean you reach your financial goals?  Is money a dirty word?  Do you find yourself saying things like ‘I can’t afford…’ ‘huh! They’ve obviously got more money than sense!’ ‘I want to help people, money isn’t important’?

These can be some of the obstacles that get in the way of you increasing your income.  Denise has several courses you can sign up to if you want to go into more depth but GRLB covers a lot of it.

If videos are more your thing than books, check out some of these:

How we sell: Men vs Women

Do I have money blocks?

First Pricing Mistake

Do you recognise any of your own patterns and beliefs?


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