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The Resilience Workshop

The 5 Pillars

Your Resilience Temple

Welcome to the Resilience Workshop!

For the first time I am sharing my Resilience Framework over a series of videos, ending with a live webinar on Friday 27th March 2020 at 2pm (London).

I’ve been working with resilience for almost 15 years ago and have developed definitions and a framework which means we are able to actively work to become more resilient before (or during) the difficult situations which make it so important.


  1. Tracie Hodgson

    That was interesting Helen. My decisions that I seem to be constantly going around and round with are around whether taking my art business online is ever going to be worth it or if I should just go get a 9-5 job that won’t be pulling at me constantly. Excited to see what is coming in your next videos!

    • Helen Soutar

      Oh that’s a tough one, isn’t it? I suspect that if you were able to get your 5 pillars in alignment that you’d be able to come up with other options – you could do both if you had the time and energy, or look for a part-time job to take the pressure off the business

      • Tracie

        It is a tough one. Well I’m excited to learn more about the 5 pillars and how to align them. Wish I had more time and energy – lol 😝

  2. Sophie Shaw

    So interesting! I often wonder why I’m so hopeless at making decisions. And those old stories and scripts – I so resonate about growing up with negative ideas about what a woman should be, do, say, etc.


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