Strategy.  Priorities.  Action.  Resilience.  Knowledge.

Living the dream means embracing, and taking control of, change

A spark is a vehicle of change – it’s what we do (or is done to us) to move from one state to another.  The beauty of a spark is that it is often a small action relative to the changes that follow.  One or a series of small sparks is all that is necessary to start a huge fire, launch a rocket, create a whole new human or indeed, change your life.

It sounds so easy doesn’t it?  Make a few small ‘sparks’ and change your life…ta da!  Living the dream!  Sadly for most of us, there’s often challenges and obstacles that get in the way.  The SPARK Programme is designed (and tested!) to guide you through the process of embracing and taking control of change.

The 10 modules take you through:

  • building your resilience, enabling you to adapt easily to the changes
  • making decisions about and then based on your priorities
  • creating a strategy so you have a step by step plan to follow
  • dealing with the physical and emotional obstacles that will inevitably litter your path

Do you ever feel stuck?

You have these ideas in mind for how you’d really like your life to look but it feels completely unrealistic for you to actually make them happen – you’re too tired, too skint, not fit enough, never have enough time…and yet life, as it is just now, doesn’t feel quite as satisfying, as easy or as fun as you’d hoped it would be.


If this sounds familiar, the SPARK programme is just what you need!

This 10-week course teaches you my tried and tested pathway to get you from feeling stuck to smashing your goals, with strategies, tools and techniques that you can use to:

  • understand yourself and those around you better
  • raise your resilience, helping you to deal with all the challenges of day to day life
  • combat the obstacles that tend to show up whenever we step outside our comfort zone
  • create an individually tailored plan, made up of small, actionable steps, to achieve your goal

On top of this, you’ll get personalised support, encouragement and cheerleading in our weekly group coaching sessions and have lifetime access to the course materials to revisit as often as you like.

This programme can be used for all sorts of goals you want to work towards:

– starting or growing a business

– moving house

– changing your career

– starting or expanding your family

– any major lifestyle change

Ingefleur Spreij - Fertility Homeopath

Having worked with Helen for almost a year I can say she has helped to transform my way of working and the way that I approach my work. She is amazing at offering practical tools to automate processes for example, but she doesn’t hesitate to pinpoint blocks in my way of thinking either. I thought I needed the first (which helped) but what really made a difference was the second. She has helped me understand I need to first decide how I want to work to know what patients would benefit from my work, what booking system I need, and even how I need to brand my services! Helen seems to have an endless quiver of practical tools to offer, but she will also be your mirror and cheerleader. If you put to practice what she has to offer, you WILL grow! Her best asset might just be her tailored approach

Rosie Dhoopun - Alignment & Movement Specialist

I’ve been working with Helen this past year, she’s helped me hugely. If you are wondering whether to invest in this kind of help I’d say unreservedly yes.

I was sceptical, but her help has been invaluable to getting clear about what I’m offering, overcoming money and mindset blocks, getting a large nudge when I’m losing focus and a listening ear if it gets overwhelming.