How to Build Your Resilience to Handle Anything Life (or Business) Has to Throw at You!

Discover the little known secrets of resilience that not only helps us to bounce-back in times of crisis, but handle the daily overwhelm, anxiety and uncertainty of living in the ‘new normal.

Friday 25th September, 6.00pm BST

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Hey, I’m Helen!

This year has probably been one of the most universally challenging years we’ve faced for a generation or more.

With the loss of loved ones, jobs, certainty, and our feelings of safety, many of us will be grieving and trying to come to terms with a new ‘normal’.


✅  Why it’s so important that we both understand and honour those feelings, and what we can do to give us the skills we need to feel capable again.

✅  How to deal with all the swoops and falls on the rollercoaster of chaos we all seem to be living through at the moment.

✅  Getting to understand and ‘hear’ yourself better so you meet your needs, recognising and acknowledging what is at the root of your worries and fears.

✅  The tangible skills we so desperately need to be our own best friend, safety net and cheerleader.

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