Limiting Belief  Toolkit


So, you’ve been working to identify your self-sabotages, now what you need are the tools to start unraveling them all!

Are you ready to say goodbye for self-sabotage for good?

This toolkit will walk you through the process I use with all of my clients to get to the bottom of what’s holding them back and, most importantly, why.  Once you’ve worked that out, you’ll be able to master your own thoughts, rid yourself of limiting beliefs, and get on with sharing your work with the world.


The results I would hope for you to get from this toolkit include:


🌟 Have a better and deeper understanding of what’s holding you back and why – so you can get to the root of the problem instead of papering over it with affirmations and “success habits”.

🌟 Feeling more comfortable with your emotions so you can see them as invaluable signposts for your own development, instead of burying them under overworking or mindless eating.

🌟 Make real, life-changing progress in overcoming your limiting beliefs, instead of seeing them come up again and again and again, every time you reach for a new goal. 

🌟 Have a set of actions you can use whenever life gets overwhelming and you need a reset –  so you can get back to focusing on what is really important to you and your goals. 


So what’s included?

  • Masterclass
  • Video lessons with step-by-step instructions
  • Workbook – journal prompts, EFT scripts, trigger questions, and a full explanation of the process I use
  • Audio recording – walk-through of the limiting belief process
  • Instant Soothing List – printable to put up near your desk so you’ve got an easy reminder of tools you can use when life gets overwhelming




Helen seems to have an endless quiver of practical tools to offer, but she will also be your mirror and cheerleader. If you put to practice what she has to offer, you WILL grow!

Ingefleur Spreij

There’s nothing I wouldn’t trust Helen with – her breadth of knowledge and supportive, loving guidance is absolutely unique. Thank you, Helen!!!


Sophie Shaw


I would highly recommend Helen to everyone. She is amazing! I can’t wait for our next session – such valuable time spent


Rita Robinson

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