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How procrastination was holding me back


“I was blown away by what happened in my call with Helen. In all the experiences I’ve had, none of them have been as quickly transformational as Helen’s work”

Amber is a business coach and the owner of a Facebook ads agency called Launch With Amber.  As a sole business owner, Amber has a seemingly neverending to-do list which was, until recently, compounded by a daily battle with procrastination.


Getting to the root causes to fix the problem properly


One of Amber’s most persistent problems was opening her email inbox.  Every morning she would sit down at her computer, ready to start work and be hit with a feeling of dread at the idea of checking her email. 

Procrastination would then kick in (as a coping strategy!) and Amber would find herself doing anything but the work she needed to be doing.  The consequences, dealing with unhappy clients, missing deadlines and more, were creating a lot of additional work, as well as being harmful to her reputation.


The first step was to work out why Amber was feeling such dread about opening her email inbox.  We did some digging and connected the feelings she was experiencing with an incident that happened when she was a very small girl at school.

This incident left Amber with the belief that the world was a scary, unsafe place and that awful things could happen with no warning.  Once we knew that was the root cause, we devised a plan of action centred around tools Amber could use to remind herself that she was safe whenever the feelings of dread appeared.

Inbox Anxiety









“Helen is so underrated for the work she does around resilience, knowing yourself, and understanding the reasons why we behave the way we do.  I assumed my issues around procrastination were just me being a bit lazy until I spoke to Helen.  She helped me find the root causes of why I was reacting the way that I did and made me realise where I had missing pieces in my mindset and self-care.”

Amber Rose Thomas

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