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Oh my word…day 4!  Just 3 weeks until Christmas!

So, what’s behind our door today (isn’t that a cute door btw??  Wish my front door looked like that!)

Right then…behind the door….it’s Christopher Somerville!  Or more accurately, his website

Sometimes when life gets busy, with work, family, businesses…we can get stuck in a rut of having a huge to do list, a mental load that is crippling us and the feeling that you MUST.  NOT.  STOP!  As with lots of things in life, it’s often most helpful to do exactly what you feel you mustn’t.

Taking time out from your normal day to day responsibilities is a) massively helpful for your mental and physical wellbeing, but also b) you will often find that things that feel stuck in your head, will start moving when your body does.  If you find yourself sitting at your computer screen, or in front of your notepad and just feeling stuck, my best bit of advice is to move your body.  It doesn’t matter how or where, stand up and dance if that works for you.  My favourite though is to go out for a walk.

If like me, you didn’t go to scouts or do lots of walking with other people, you might not know many good walking routes…this is where Christopher Somerville comes in.  He has routes for walks all around the UK and the ones I’ve done have all been really nice – nearly all off road, really well written instructions with milestones to look out for and often an excellent pub recommendation for somewhere mid walk.

If walking is not your thing, I’d highly recommend Rosie at Labyrinth of Nurture for her alignment and movement work.  Check out her facebook page and youtube channel for instructions for exercises you can easily add into your day to improve your alignment and overall health.

Do you have a favourite way to shift your ‘stuckness’?  Any other great walking recommendations?  Jump over to facebook to join the conversation, comment below or send me an email!