Advent! Day 21

Written byHelen Soutar

Helen is a strategist who specializes in Resilience. Mum to Harry and Kit who are both rapidly reaching the stage of looking down to her, she spends her days home educating and then escaping to her studio in the garden to work

21st December 2018

Oooh, last Friday before Christmas, schools breaking up and I’m guessing lots of you are finishing up with work today!


So, how about a little project to sink your teeth into over your Christmas break or to start in January??

Step forward door 21…who are you hiding?

Meet The Minimalists!

Now, I know that a lot of my clients struggle with having Too. Much. Stuff!  Organising an overfull home is mega tricky and for many of us, being surrounded by clutter is actually a barrier to clear thinking, clarity, ability to make decisions quickly and easily and, depending on how woo you are, you might also believe that making physical space makes metaphorical space for more of the things you want to come into your life (sidenote: one of my clients cleared out old shoes and school uniform just the other day and came home from disposing of it all to a sale!)

The Minimalists have 2 programmes that can help.  The 21 Day Journey breaks down all the different elements necessary to move from too much to minimalism and the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge gives you the target of getting rid of one extra thing each day (so 1 item day 1, 2 items day 2, 30 items day 30).

Now, I’m the first to admit that this is one of my challenges – the idea of getting rid of 90% of my belongings feels massively exciting and terrifying at the same time – but I know that I feel better, work better and *ahem* behave better when I’m not feeling crowded out by stuff!

So, who’s in?  Wanna join in with the 30 Day challenge?

Oh, and if these don’t float your boat, check out some of these instead:

Marie Kondo – The Life Changing Magic of Tidying

Collection of ‘Best Decluttering Advice’
Clutterbug 30 Day Decluttering Challenge
The Art of Tidying Up: A Complete Guide to a Decluttered Life



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