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Waking up one day in my early 20’s, divorced, newly graduated, single Mum to a gorgeous pre-schooler, less than proud owner of a somewhat strained relationship with my family, riddled with debt (my divorce cost 10 times the amount of my wedding!), and working approximately 100 hours a week, I started to get curious about why.

Why was I / had I been holding myself to these ridiculous standards of running my own business, completing my degree and maintaining the life my son had had before his parents separated, or at least as closely as I could.    

Why had I got married and had a child so young?

Why was I so adamant that I needed to keep hold of the house I owned (with a hefty mortgage) rather than sell it and ease the financial strain?

Why did I find it so hard to ask for or accept help?

Why did I have such a strained relationship with my parents?

Why was my business not thriving even though I was working so hard on it?

It took me almost a decade to unravel it all but the end result is 2 core beliefs and a whole lot of understanding, compassion and respect for myself.

The more tangible results are a business that is both thriving and works around my family, a stable home for me and my kids, a financial position that is improving all the time as well as some pretty special trips to Mauritius and LA.

I have a degree in Accounting (BA Hons; 2:1), I’ve been self-employed for over 13 years and I home educate my two boys.  I understand the complexities of juggling a career with a family, I know what it’s like to be in a full-scale panic about your finances or the future and I also have a whole raft of tools to help you get past your blocks and start living the life you choose.