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“Helen shines a light into places other coaches fear to tread”


“You uncover what we need and provide insights no one else can see”


“You provide amazing solutions…like magic!  You see another angle and provide the solution”


We all have our own personal life situations, elements of which are often shared with others – business owner, parent, daughter, carer, pet owner, living with debt, being in a relationship or not and so on.  We also all have our own personal history – the way we were raised, the fears and prejudices of our parents, the beliefs and values of our extended family, the experiences of our child- and young adult-hood.  The combination of these two things is what makes our journey unique.

Making any significant changes in our lives can be daunting and it is normal for us to look to others to access the support we need.  Friends or siblings can often give interesting insights in to your history, whilst professionals may be able to look at your current circumstances and work out a plan of action.  For some of us though, we need support that can do both.

My specialism is in pulling out all the mish mash of threads that represent our lives, untangling them and getting them all laid out neatly so you can look at them properly.  From there you can see what’s missing, where you’ve got too many and then make a plan to sort it all out.  The end result is your rich tapestry of life, in which you can read your own personal history. 

Hi, I’m Helen Soutar, I am a Business Strategist; I inspire and support business owners and individuals to fulfill their personal and financial goals, whilst bringing forth the best versions of both themselves and the world around them.

I have over 12 years experience in running businesses and supporting others in their business endeavors. In that time I have built up a comprehensive bank of tools and resources. I have a BA(hons) in Accounting and I am experienced as a business consultant, accounts manager and mortgage advisor. I have a wide range of business experience, from my time as Director of a limited company, to organising and managing conferences, to commissions from Local Authorities to evaluate and assess services and supporting music festivals.  Early in my career, I received awards and investment for my business and I have continued to update and develop my professional skills and knowledge, both in terms of business strategy and personal development.

I have worked hard to build up a skill set that supports the work that I love. I am passionate about finding out what other people are aiming for and why, so that we can remove obstacles and work together to find ideas and solutions.

I have two home educated sons, one of whom is very nearly taller than me and rapidly approaching adulthood. Parenting has brought a skill set that I never realised would be so valuable in my working life, as well as being the driving force for me to better understand myself and how that impacts on my business. Running a business is one of many ways that we learn about our values and motivations, and that events in our private lives have a direct impact on our working life. Often the work I do with clients incorporates relationships, health, sleep (or lack of!), beliefs about money, work and sales. In the majority of cases, the business strategy flows super easily once we’ve got to the bottom of what obstacles are presented by your beliefs or private life.

Below are just some of the outcomes my clients have achieved:


  • exceeded income target by 62% within 1 month, and by 200% within 12 months
  • increased number of new and returning clients
  • created new start up businesses
  • wrote and released email series aimed at target clients
  • shifted perspectives allowing creativity to flow
  • found new ways of working that ended chronic exhaustion
  • developed and launched new courses
  • mindset shift making way for future success

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