About Helen

Do you want to change the world? Are you scared to share your ideas because they go against the current accepted narrative?

Hi, I’m Helen Soutar, I’m a Business Strategist and I inspire and support changemakers to bring forth the best versions of both themselves and the world around them, whilst fulfilling their personal and financial goals.

From home education to alternative healthcare provision and personal development, my clients are each contributing to changing the way things are done. It can be a lonely path sometimes, having beliefs that are at odds with most of the world around us, and sharing those beliefs can be a scary prospect when faced with the possibility of being ridiculed and rejected. But with ongoing challenges in the form of climate change, healthcare, mental well-being, economic uncertainty and many others, we need more and more radical changemakers who are putting forward new ideas and suggestions, exploring possibilities and then implementing new systems and processes which improve life for us all.

I have 12 years experience both with running my own businesses and supporting others and have built up a comprehensive bank of resources and tools in that time. I have a BA(hons) in Accounting and have worked as a business consultant, accounts manager and mortgage advisor amongst others. I have been the director of a limited company, organised and managed conferences, worked on music festivals and been commissioned by local authorities to evaluate and assess services. I have won awards as a business owner and have spent more than a decade winding my way through all the personal development tools I could find – NVC, meditation, mindset work, visualisation, talking therapies, journalling and more.

I am incredibly lucky to have a skill set that matches what I love to do. I love finding out what other people are aiming for and why. I love working out what is getting in the way. I love asking questions and I find it easy to come up with ideas and solutions.

I have two sons, one of whom is very nearly taller than me and who is rapidly approaching adulthood and another who is 6 years his junior and is stubborn and determined and loving and funny. They are both home educated.

I am a firm believer that running a business is one of the biggest journeys to getting to know ourselves (alongside parenting!) and that what happens in our private lives has a direct impact on how we do business. Often the work I do with clients touches on relationships, health, sleep (or lack of!), beliefs about money, work and sales. Often the business strategy flows super easily once we’ve got to the bottom of what obstacles in your beliefs / private life are getting in the way.

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