1-1 Coaching

Business & Life Strategy

1-1 coaching has the benefit of providing a space for you to work through your personal situations with individualised support from Helen, focusing on resolving them whilst also giving you the skills to meet your goals

Single Session

Strategic Assessment

This 90 minute 1-1 session is perfect if you want some personalised support to work through your current issues and really pinpoint which areas you need to be working on to make sure you are well on your way to meeting your goals and as well equipped as you can be

4-month programme

Business & Life Strategy


With this programme we will work together 1 on 1 to identify and articulate your business and life goals.  We will assess how resilient you are at the moment and which of your 5 key skills need support.  We will then develop an action plan and I will support you as you apply it to your life and/or business

2-hr Deep Dive


1-hr coaching sessions



4 mths




Can quite simply say that after speaking to Helen I have a greater self-awareness and plan for the future than I could have imagined possible.”

Valerie Donnelly

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